Data Science in the News: “Best New Jobs in America”

Another recent article that brought attention to the data science field was the 2012 CNNMoney feature “Best New Jobs in America: IT Data Scientist.” In the article, CNNMoney profiled six cutting-edge professions offering excellent growth potential and high pay.

The article featured the professions of video game designer, solar sales consultant, wind turbine mechanical engineer, social media manager, and sustainability consultant. They also featured IT data scientist, the highest paying of the six jobs profiled with a median pay of $98,600. According to the article, the data science field can anticipate 10-year job growth of 18.7 percent.

The article further provides a broad background of data science in the most basic layman’s terms. This is important, as previously much of the early press the field was getting was too technical for those favoring the right side of the brain to comprehend.

In Layman’s Terms

What do they do all day? How to get the job? What makes it great? What’s the catch? By answering these questions in the most elemental, plain language way, CNNMoney helped introduce the rest of America to the field of data science.

The article defines data science thusly: “Turning those heaps of data into business value falls to data scientists, who apply various tools and methods to find meaningful patterns and insights in large data sets.”

According to the feature, this cutting-edge field requires an “affinity for numbers” and a “command of computing.” No mention of a master’s degree, years of analytics and modeling experience, or presentation skills.

While it describes data scientist as an intense job that could lead to burnout, the article points out that “employers are willing to pay for qualified candidates. Six-figure paydays aren’t uncommon.”