Leading Data Science Companies

One of the most selective fellowship programs in the data field is the Insight Data Science Fellows Program. This six-week, intensive program offers participants the unique opportunity to “bridge the gap between academia and a career in data science.” This highly competitive program is supported by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twiiter, and other major players in the tech space. As sponsors or board members, these companies are pitching in financially as well as sharing intelligence, networking, and career support through mentorship.

Golden Opportunities

Particpants in the Insight Data Fellows program are offered interview opportunities with data scientists and engineers from the leading tech companies that support the program and hire many of its alumni. Fellows are exposed to an unparalleled cadre of mentors from Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Pinterest, Dropbox, Palantir, Gobble, Square, Level Up Analytics, Comprehend Systems, Khan Academy, and Airbnb.

Past fellows from the program come from quantitative research fields and now work at top technology companies, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Square.